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Octohide security solutions for your home router

Life has its unexpected moments. Unfortunately, there are many more online. Luckily, Octohide provides the ultimate security solution for any online user.

VPN servers run in memory, zero logs, no digital footprint

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) encryption

Powerful encryption based on OpenVPN or WireGuard

Server automatically reconnects to VPN server

Kill switch – your IP address is never revealed

Built-in firewall

How to start

Become more secure with 4 simple steps

Becoming more secure online is easier than you think. Just follow four simple steps, and you’ll be able to enjoy safe and secure browsing in no time!


Check if your router is compatible

First things first – make sure your router is compatible.


Get Octohide file

Once you’ve confirmed your router is compatible, get Octohide file to install on your router.


Upload file to your router

Upload the file to your router following easy instructions. It’ll only take a few minutes to complete.



That’s it – now you’re browsing safely and privately.

Convert now

It’s that simple to become completely secure online without buying any extra hardware. So switch to Octohide now and get the most out of your home router.

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our services? Check out our answers to the most common questions.

What is VPN, and how does it work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s a technology that allows you to create a secure connection online.

VPN uses an encrypted connection between your device and the VPN server, making your data unreadable to any third party that might try to intercept it. It also hides your real IP address so that you can protect your privacy and identity online.

Why should I use VPN?

The main reason you should use VPN is online security. But it also has other wonderful benefits, such as:

  • Accessing content blocked in your country.
  • Using public Wi-Fi safely.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Preventing websites from tracking you.
  • Getting cheaper games or travel tickets.
Is VPN legal to use?

Yes, VPN services are completely legal (in most countries).

Are VPNs safe to use?

VPNs are generally safe, but the safety depends on the trustworthiness of the VPN provider you choose.

Still have questions?

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